Competition: Free Victoria and Albert Museum membership!

To celebrate being a tenth of the way to my goal, I’ve decided to offer one

Victoria and Albert Museum membership – free!

Groupon had a special deal for these memberships a while ago and I bought two, but can’t think who would really want the second one. Now that I’ve joined the Museums’ Association, which gives many of the same benefits as V&A membership, I effectively have THREE V&A  memberships, which is a bit ridiculous really.

Membership offers:

  • Free unlimited priority entry to V&A exhibitions
  • Members’ Previews of major exhibitions and new galleries
  • Members’ Room
  • V&A Magazine
  • Members’ Events
  • 10% off at the museum cafes and shops (inc. at the Museum of Childhood) plus discounts at a few other random restaurants and a spa.

The members’ room has a computer with internet access, so you can leave your netbook at home, and free tea and coffee (make it yourself) which saves money for a start. Then you can skip the queues at Lates events and get in free to special exhibitions. The shop is notoriously good, and you get 10% off there. Basically, it’s a damn good prize.

To enter, post a comment below, answering this question:

This chandelier is in the entrance to the V&A. Who made it?

Comments will be screened until the competition’s over a week from today at midnight on Tuesday February 15th.

Update: competition is now closed, so comments are visible. I literally pulled the names out of a hat and the winner is Cheryl Morris. Hope you enjoy your prize, Cheryl!

About 100museumsinayear

I've challenged myself to visit 100 museums in a year, from the massive to the miniscule, in London and other places.
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65 Responses to Competition: Free Victoria and Albert Museum membership!

  1. Crystal says:

    That’s a Chihuly! They’ve got one of his at the San Jose Art museum. I took my mother in law there last year and she loved it.

  2. Joy Whitelock says:

    Dale Chihuly

  3. Angela Sandhu says:

    Dale Chihuly

  4. Nadine Dawes says:

    The answer is Dale Chihuly. 🙂

  5. Gareth Evans says:

    Dale Chihuly

  6. Bob Clark says:

    Dale Chihuly

  7. Wendy Davison says:

    This chandelier was made by Dale Chihuly. Its amazing.

  8. Anna P says:

    Dale Chihuly

    Best Wishes


  9. HughT says:

    Answer: Dale Chihuly

  10. C Hui says:

    Answer: Dale Chihuly

  11. Alison E says:

    Dale Chihuly

  12. S McGreavy says:

    Dale Chihuly – Must be a nightmare to dust….

  13. Jan Wroblewski says:

    Dale Chihuly

  14. Kelly Koya says:

    Answer: Dale Chihuly

  15. kelly says:

    Dale Chihuly

  16. G L says:

    ANSWER: Dale Chihuly

  17. Nick Power says:

    The chandelier in the entrance hall to the Victoria and Albert Museum was made by Dale Chihuly

  18. Andy Grant says:

    The maker is Dale Chihuly.

  19. ANNE BOSTWICK says:

    Dale Chihuly

  20. Ben Audsley says:

    Dale Chihuly made the chandelier – and what a good job he did !!!!!!

  21. Philippa Davey says:

    Dale Chihuly

  22. Robert Truelove says:

    Dale Chihuly

  23. Joanne Ogden says:

    Dale Chihuly – and that chandelier is amazing.

  24. karen walkden says:

    Dale Chihuly

    and thankyou for offering such a great prize 🙂

  25. Jennifer Taylor says:

    Dale Chihuly

  26. tony allan says:

    Dale Chihuly made the chandelier in the entrance to the V&A

  27. Mary Lucking says:

    Chandelier is by Dale Chihuly. Despite living in Greater London I have never been to the V & A so would love this.

  28. Natalja Popsujeva says:

    Dale Chihuly

  29. Philip Greenwood says:

    answer: Dale Chihuly

  30. Nicolas Luker says:

    Dale Chihuly

  31. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    Answer – Dale Chihuly

  32. Gillian Kivi says:

    V&AMembership Competition
    Answer: Dale Chihuly

  33. Sean Brady says:

    Answer: Dale Chihuly

    I’m a lover of museums and London is one of the best places to witness them. The V&A always surprises me with the diversity of exhibits it shows.

    My favourite museum though, I must confess, is the Natural History Museum in New York. A wonderous array of historical objects.

  34. Karis Boone says:

    Dale Chihuly

  35. Anne McCutcheon says:

    Dale Chihuly

  36. Hel Jones says:

    It’s Dale Chihuly

  37. Lisa Wills says:

    Dale Chihuly

  38. Chrissy Schneider says:

    Dale Chihuly

  39. Alison Shinn says:

    Dale Chihuly – Shame it’s too big for my hallway!

  40. Cheryl Morris says:

    The chandelier was made by Dale Chihuly. I love the V&A – it has my favourite exhibits and exhibitions – but I do see that three subscriptions is somewhat excessive.

  41. Danielle Tebo says:

    Answer : Dale Chihuly

  42. Cathy James says:

    dale chihuly

  43. Pete Savage says:

    Answer – Dale Chihuly

  44. James Fenlon says:

    Answer: Dale Chihuly

  45. Michael says:

    The V&A chandelier
    That looks so unruly
    Was made by none other
    Than Dale Chihuly 🙂

  46. Emma G says:

    Great competition!
    Answer is DAVE CHIHULY

  47. EMILY says:


  48. Karina Braekkan says:

    Dale Chihuly

  49. Allan says:

    Dale Chihuly

  50. Jane says:

    Answer: Dale Chihuly

  51. vicky says:

    Dale Chihuly

  52. Julie says:

    Dale Chihuly

  53. Georgie Warsop says:

    Dale Chihuly

  54. Robin Brooksbank says:

    Dale Chihuly

  55. Colin Faulkner says:

    Dale Chihuly

  56. Helen says:

    Chandelier is by Dale Chihuly
    Fab giveaway

  57. Emma O says:

    Dale Chihuly!

  58. Fran Grasby says:

    Dale Chihuly

  59. jennie says:

    Dale Chihuly

  60. says:

    Dale Chihuly

  61. wibbble3 says:

    Dale Chihuly

  62. Derek Williams says:

    It’s Dale Chihuly.

  63. says:

    The stunning chandalier was designed by Dale Chihuly. Trouble is, you’d want to spend half the day just admiring that!

  64. Helen Ridge says:

    Dale Chihuly

  65. Liz Almond says:

    Dale Chihuly

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