By the end of this year, I am going to be very cultured.

On the fifth of January I had an epiphany – as ever, my timing’s slightly off – and woke up at 5.30am thinking ‘why don’t I set myself a challenge of visiting 100 museums in a year?’

100 museums in a year is less than 2 a week, and London alone, according to Wiki, has 240 museums.  If they’re not all suitable, maybe I’ll even be motivated to – shock! horror! – visit places outside London. All my vaccinations are up to date.

The Wiki list, however, includes art galleries, which I don’t reckon count for the most part; a few, like the National Gallery, might do, since it has exhibitions tying the art into history and the wider world, but as I much as I enjoy wandering around gazing at pictures, pottery and written-on-beds, I don’t think that counts as a museum. I can’t quite decide whether historic sites count. Ones like Tilbury Fort, which is just a fort (though quite a cool one), definitely don’t count,  but how about the Tower of London? It has tour guides, special exhibitions and plaques explaining the objects.

What do you think? Should it count, or should I specialise more in definite musems?

There are enough of those, from the famous ones like the Natural History Museum to tiny unexpected ones like the Museum of Anaesthetists to the Cuming Museum, both of which are so ripe with puns that they’re already in your head without me even writing them down.

First up: The Geffrye Museum.

About 100museumsinayear

I've challenged myself to visit 100 museums in a year, from the massive to the miniscule, in London and other places.
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